Publikation: Philosophy and Child Poverty

Das Buch „Philosophy and Child Poverty. Reflections on the Ethics and Politics of Poor Children and their Families“ wurde von Nicolás Brando und Gottfried Schweiger herausgegeben und von Springer in der Buchreihe „Philosophy and Poverty “ veröffentlicht.

Der Band versammelt achtzehn Kapitel zu Fragen der Konzeption von Kinderarmut, ihrer Ungerechtigkeit und der damit verknüpften ethischen Pflichten von Familie und Staat. Trotz der zunehmenden Zahl von Veröffentlichungen über Armut hat das besondere Phänomen der Kinderarmut wenig philosophische Beachtung gefunden. Dies ist angesichts der Schwere und Tiefe der Kinderarmut auf der ganzen Welt überraschend.

Stimmen zum Buch:

“Child poverty is both important and urgent. The book edited by Brando and Schweiger addresses key-questions: what child poverty is, what causes it, what is wrong with it, and who should do what in order to eradicate or mitigate it. This is pioneering work – indeed, the volume is one of the very few existing philosophical treatments of the problems raised by child poverty.”

Anca Gheaus, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

“Surprisingly this is the first book explicitly devoted to a topic that demands our urgent attention. Much of the literature on children’s rights has been rather abstract. Yet the problem of how poverty affects children in particular is a vitally important one and also of international scope. This book is thus most welcome and its international roster of contributing authors promises a rich, wide ranging and vitally relevant discussion.”

David Archard, Queen’s University Belfast

“The philosophy of childhood is one of the most fertile areas of philosophical research at present, but little has been done on the pressing topical issue of poverty. By collecting a wide variety of theoretical approaches to this topic, this excellent anthology both sets the agenda for and kick starts philosophical research on child poverty.”

Lars Lindblom, Linköping University